aboutuspicWe are the Wallace family and we are from Charleston, SC. We moved there in 2004 as part of a job change. Brooks recently turned 7 and Carly 5 and a half years old. Justin was born in Paducah, Kentucky, but was predominantly raised in South Florida. I was born in Arlington, Texas, and moved to Colorado in 5th grade. I moved back to Texas for college and met Justin at the TV station in Midland, TX where we both worked. We married in the Summer of 2004 and moved to Charleston a few months later.

Justin worked in television as a sports anchor for 12 years before he went to Sod Solutions as the Director of Public Relations. He enjoys playing and watching tennis and playing video games.

I worked in television for approximately 10 years, spent a couple years at a marketing company and spent 8 years working at Blackbaud, a software company in Charleston. I enjoy running and spending time outdoors.

Brooks completed first grade his year. He loves to show that he is smart by doing math in his head and reading books. He enjoys playing any and all sports an currently plays soccer in a league here in Guatemala.

Carly is a year ahead in school in Guatemala and just finished Kindergarten. She tells me often that she wants to be a princess when she grows up and that she is growing her hair to her feet so she can be Rapunzel. Carly is our strong willed child and also the silliest.

Our family moved to Guatemala in October 2016. We work with an after school program teaching children the Bible, English and other life skills. We went as independent missionaries and raised financial support to cover our living expenses. We pay for the students to eat lunch and buy all the school supplies. We put together a video which you can see on our blog that shows where we are living and our plans for growing the Nexus Ministries. If you are interested in supporting us financially you can visit Mission Enablers International website to give.


Our account number is N2217. You may also contact Justin and I at the following email addresses.

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